• 3 Reason's Why London's A Bad Investment Right Now

    3 Reasons Why London’s a Bad Investment Right now

    Considering Investing in the London Property Market? Don’t! You may have read that London has seen the largest capital growth in the country – this is undoubtedly true but doesn’t necessarily mean that buying property in London will deliver you the best return on your investment, let’s have a closer look at why. 1. Increased …

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  • Why You Should Invest in Property Not the Stock Market

    Why You Should Invest in Property not Stock

    Why Property will make You Richer than Stocks I’m sure you’ve often wondered whether you should invest in property or the stock market and have heard arguments for and against from various sources –  and perhaps are a bit conflicted about which will deliver you the better return on investment. As someone who invests in …

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  • Is Property Investment Still Worth It?

    Is Property Investment still worth it?

    Do you wonder if property investment is still worth it? Have you often thought about buying property as an investment only to be dissuaded by people who’ve told you that ‘it was a good investment, years ago – but that times have changed and you need to be very careful now’?   Have you found …

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  • New Build Properties | Buy To Let Hunter

    New Build Property Secrets – Things To Know Before You Buy

    New Build Property Secrets – Things To Know Before You Buy If you’re considering buying an investment property you’ve probably wondered about the pros and cons of buying Off-Plan or New Build versus pre-occupied; as someone who has bought and sold both types of investments and advised clients, family and friends I want to share …

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  • Capital Growth Versus Yield

    Capital Growth Versus Yield

    What’s more important? Capital Growth or Yield?     When it comes to property investing we all have different goals – some of us are looking for regular steady income, for others it’s all about capital growth and some of us want a property that delivers sky high yields, immense capital growth and can be …

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